Open Source Radio Panel With Autopilot

PropwashSim's radio panel is fully configurable for up to 2 Coms, 2 Navs, ADF, Transponder or almost any combination including Groundspeed and Distance. The panel is based on the ArdSimX plugin for X-plane or Link2FS for Microsoft Flight Simulator Both programs allow for simple programming to have almost any radio combination you can think of. It has 10- 5 digit LED's (7 segment) allowing different user combinations of readouts.

The Propwash LED Radio Panel:

  • Fully Tested and assembled
  • 6 Dual Concentric Encoders to adjust frequencies
  • 6 Single Encoders to adjust gauges
  • driver and software for arduino
  • Includes the Arduino Mega

  • Open Source software available for connecting to X-plane (Ardsim) and Microsoft Flight Simulator (Link2FS).

    Out of the Box Configuration for Ardsim:
    Top Row - Com 1
    2nd Row - Nav 1
    3rd Row - Nav 2
    4th Row - GPS Groundspeed and Distance
    5th row - Transponder and ADF

    Propwash Simulation's Open-source radio panel is an inexpensive alternative to the commercially available radios!

    Encoders Control:

  • Frequencies
  • OBS 1
  • OBS 2
  • Heading
  • Directional Gyro
  • Altimeter
  • ADF

  • Panels include our new knobs (not pictured).

    Autopilot is configured to the Beechcraft Baron on X-Plane.
    LCD Display shows the selected Autopilot functions

    Tested and working with ArdsimX from (must be downloaded seperately).

    Not tested, but can be configured with link2fs available at
    ******* MicroSoft Flight Simulator with Link2FS testing is almost complete. We are having good results!! ******

    More Arduino pins available if you wish to upgrade or modify board.

    This is an open source project. All of the files are available upon request.
    Necessary files will be sent via email and via download links

    **NOTE** It may take 2-5 days to ship. We occasionally have some pre-made, but usually they are built per order. Email if you need more exact shipping time

    Price: $299.00
    Please select a mounting option.
    Technical Specs: 

    Power is supplied via the included Arduino Mega.
    If using a USB hub, it must be powered.

  • Fully Assembled and Tested Panel
  • Arduino Mega
  • USB Cable
  • SKU: PWRP2-0


    Any chance of designing this so that it is the Standard Bendix King Config Layout? Would love to have a version of it for Panel Mounting that was the correct Config -- Also (sorry to be picky) a Com 2 and an Audio Panel would be great :)