Single Radio Kit Includes Encoder and Faceplate

Must know basic soldering skills
Daisy Chain Kits together for a complete radio stack.
4 Versions currently available:
version 1 - ArdsimX (X-plane), Prepar3d/FSX - Free connectivity software
version 2 - SimVimCockpit (X-plane) - Free connectivity software
version 3 - Sim Innovations (X-plane/FSX/P3D) paid connectivity software
version 4 - Mobiflight (P3d/FSX) - Free connectivity software
***Faceplate now included!

Price: $45.00
Technical Specs: 

Easily integrates with X-plane using an arduino Mega or Uno (not included) and ArdsimX (free) or SimVimCockpit(free) or SimInnovations(paid)
Flight Simulation Radio kit. Works great with X-Plane using ArdsimX or SimVimCockpit. Can also be used for Microsoft FSX and Prepar3d with SimInnovations (paid) or Mobiflight (free) connectivity software

Complete hardware Kit. Some soldering skills are required.

Multiple Kits can be "daisy-chained" to make a complete radio stack.

Can be programmed for Nav, Comm, Transponder, ADF, Groundspeed, Distance or almost any output from the simulator.

PCB board (varied color)
2x Max7219 Chips
2x 5 digit, 7 segment LED indicators
2x 10uf Capacitors
2x 0.1uF Capacitors
2x 22kohm resitors
2x 1.5k ohm resistors (SimVimCockpit version)
1x switch (radio active/standby)
headers (color may vary from picture)
dual encoder kit w/knobs
necessary .ino (arduino software) and .cfg (plugin for ArdsimX in Xplane), available on
links to ArdsimX (connectivity software for x-plane):
links to Mobifllight (connectivity software for FSX/Prepar3d):
links to Sim Innovations Panel Software (with connectivity for X-plane/FSX/P3d)
Basic Arduino programming knowledge is helpful for uploading the (.ino) program into the Arduino.

Support is available through email for X-plane using ArdsimX and SimVimCockpit software.
Support is avaiable through email for FSX/Prepar3d using Mobiflight software

Not included, but necessary is an Arduino Mega or Uno, soldering iron, solder and basic soldering skills.

SKU: PWSR-kitx


Faceplates are in stock. We will have them on the website soon!! Introductory $5/faceplate. 4 options to choose from!

Is there a manual for this item available online?

emailed it to you.

I am also interested in getting the full manual, I bought the kit off Amazon and would like just a bit more information before starting to solder. Thank you, good looking kit, thinking about picking up a second one. Also excited to order a faceplate for it once I finish assembly and configuration. Thank you