PWS140 AutoPilot with Altitude Preselect Kit

PropWash Simulation PWS140 AutoPilot with Altitude Hold

Mimics the King KAP140 Autopilot with altitude hold.

Can be programmed to use ArdsimX and SimVimCockpit
Sim Innovations and Mobiflight can also be used, but the LCD is currently not usable with these programs
Functionality for the autopilot varies by installed autopilot in individual planes. X-plane v1.30 is updating autopilots and will include the KAP140. All functions should be universally available at that time. See the information here:

Many functions can be programmed using Mobiflight and Link2FS, but not all
*Support is currently only available for ArdsimX and SimVimCockpit

Works well with PropWash Simulation Radio Panels and GPS!

Price: $55.00
Technical Specs: 

Autopilot comes as a kit only


Kit Includes:
1- Faceplate
1- Printed Circuit board
1- 1602 LCD display (compatible with ArdsimX)
6- Screws
6- nuts
6- plastic spacers
1- LED
1- 470 ohm resistor for LED
10- Tactile switches
10- Tactile switch caps/buttons
1- dual encoder with switch kit
Necessary male headers

Needed and not included:
Soldering iron
connectivity software

Weight: 4 oz
SKU: PWS140-kit


Does this product already come with software and Arduino code?

Answered via email. Yes, we will help with ardsimX and SimVimCockpit. Also, soon we will have an autopilot that is plug and play!

Do you have instructions you could provide that show how this needs to be connected to the Arduino and programmed in SimVim? Thanks, Steve

I don’t see in the assembly instructions where it indicates you solder header pins to the display. I’m assuming you do but just wanted some clarification, Thanks, Steve

I'll send you an email clarifying.

Are there plans to make this compatible with P3Dv4? Thanks!

Yes, it is a programming challenge and we don't have a timeframe.