4x Mux Breakout Board Kit

Can be used for SimVimCockpit
Reduce amount of wiring needed
Can be set for input or output on the individual Mux by jumpers
Easy assembly by soldering headers
New Version (yellow PCB in pictures) also includes extra breakout headers for L, D, S0-S3, EN, Sig, power and ground
External power plug (note: if using external power, do NOT use arduino power)

Price: $19.00
SKU: PW-muxBO4x


Hi, very nice board, do you happen to have instructions available on connecting to the mega? I’m not sure what pinouts to use from the muxbo4.

please follow the information on simvim.com website. Also, I will email you more information. -kyle

I was going to design one like this for SimVim, but this is perfeact.