Plug and Play Autopilot for X-plane | Realistic Autopilot Functions

PropWash Simulation PNP Autopilot

We blow away the price of the competition!

Our autopilot comes fully assembled and Plug and Play!
Simply put a plugin into the X-plane Plugin folder verify the correct com(USB) port and our plugin will automatically detect the autopilot.

Fully built and tested.

The autopilot reads which aircraft you are flying and mimics the autopilot buttons. Works with both the Garmin, S-tec and King configured autopilots. Works with most Generic autopilots.
Altitude preselect available on many autopilots. May be dependent on aircraft you are currently flying.

Ready to be installed in your panel.
Same size as our radio panels.

Download the installation file and plugin here:

Price: $79.00

Comes complete with USB cable and X-plane plugin.

Windows 7 or newer
X-plane 10 or 11

Does not currently work with Microsoft FSX or P3d(Prepar3d)



Please download the newest plugin: There is a small tweak that fixes the out of trim situation on the autopilots equipped with autopilot trim.

Is there an AP in the works for xplane 10.

We are almost done testing the Auto pilot for X-plane 10. Should be available in next day or 2!

I'm confused!!!you indicate that the AP requires XP 10 or 11, but then you indicate that it does not work with XP10. Does it work with 10. If yes, will it also work with 11 if I upgrade to11 later on?

It does work with Xplane 10 and Xplane 11. We just recently finished the plugin for it to work with 10. I need to fix the verbage. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. Also, yes, it will update to 11 without any issues or changes.

I fly mostly g1000 equipped airplanes. Would this still work with those planes?

Our autopilot works great with the G1000.

Sweetness. Def be purchasing soon then.

Is there a way to control vs as well as vnv?

Vertical speed is controlled by pushing the small knob on the dual encoder.

Will this work with addon aircraft for Xplane 11, like the Zibo 738 or does it only work with stock aircraft?

at this time it will not work as an MCP in the airliners