8x8 Switch Matrix Kit

Matrix for input switches.

8x8 Matrix Board for up to 64 switches. Can be attached to Leo Bodnards input boards or Arduino boards using the Ardsim Matrix for X-plane. Great for flight simmers making a cockpit. Matrix board utilizes 1N4148 Diodes.

Easily Assembled Kit

Any number of combinations is possible by attaching the rows and columns to an input board. It is not necessary to use all 16 rows/columns. It is possible to use 2x3, 4x4, 4x5... any combination. It all depends on how many switches you need and how many pins you have available on the input board! Comes with male pin headers for the rows and columns.

This board was designed to simplify the installation of switches in the matrix. No longer do you need to individually wire the switches to the diodes and then to the pins on the input board. With this board, you simply solder the switch directly to the board and run jumper wires from the rows/columns to the input board.

Price: $12.00
SKU: 8x8 Switch Matrix