Open-Source X-Plane Radio Panel [DISCONTINUED]

Version 2 of this panel is now available HERE.

PropwashSim's radio panel is fully configurable for up to 2 Coms, 2 Navs, ADF, Transponder or almost any combination including Groundspeed and Distance. The panel is based on the ArdSimUSB plugin for X-plane which allows for simple programming to have almost any radio combination you can think of. It has 10- 5 digit LED's (7 segment) allowing different user combinations of readouts.

The Propwash LED Radio Panel:

  • Fully Tested and assembled
  • 6 Dual Concentric Encoders
  • driver and software for arduino
  • Includes the Arduino Mega

Necessary to Complete Your Setup:
The panel comes with a flat faceplate which will need mounting into your particular system.
A mount for the Arduino Mega as usable for your particular sim.
Lettering for your specific radio configuraton.
You will need software to connect the panel to X-Plane or Microsoft Flight Sim. Ardsim and Link2FS are the easiest for configuration.

Out of the Box Configuration:
Top Row - Com 1
2nd Row - Nav 1
3rd Row - Nav 2
4th Row - GPS Groundspeed and Distance
5th row - Transponder and ADF
3d printed knobs in black or grey.

Propwash Simulation's Open-source radio panel is an inexpensive alternative to the commercially available radios!

Price: $189.00
Weight: 0.9 lb


We have decided to go forward with a panel that has an autopilot and control for the VOR's, ADF, DG and Altimeter. Should be released soon. Waiting on a final panel layout to be completed.

Been eyeballing this for a bit. Any news? Will she work with the new ArdSimX? I just started messing with it and its pretty slick.