Single Encoder

Brand New Single Encoders used on radio panels, GNS430 simulation or anywhere you need a reliable encoder in a small area. Great for Flight Simulation applications! These encoders are built specifically for!

Encoder has an included breakout board.
Headers included may be a different color than pictured.
Encoders come as a kit.

NOTE: Knobs are now included.

Individual knob sets can also be purchased by themselves HERE.

Price: $5.00
Technical Specs: 
  • Model# PWSI0
  • Single Encoder
  • 20 Detents Per Revolution
  • 2 Pulses Per Detent
  • Shaft Diameter: 3.5mm
  • Lifespan - Up To 300,000 Revolutions
  • Built to FAA standards (Not Certified)
  • PWSI0 Single Encoder
  • Nut and Washer for Mounting
  • PCB Breakout board.
  • Black or Grey knob
Weight: 0.4 oz


Hi, Can I ask the size or dimension of this single encoder? Or do you have a product detail? Thank you :)

Emailed it to you. Thank you for your interest.