Vid6606 4x Stepper Driver Board Kit

Easy Solder Kit. Now includes 28pin DIP to 28pin SMD. No longer do you need to solder the SMD directly to the board

The VID66 series IC driver is a CMOS device used as an interface circuit to drive the x27.168 and similar small stepper motors.
It was specifically designed for applications in car dashboards.
The VID6606 4x stepper driver allows you to drive four motors with four identical drivers on the same chip.

■ Generates micro steps.
■ Glitch filters on all inputs.
■ VDD = 4.5 to 5.5V.
■ Low EMI emission.

■Car dashboard
■Nautical instrumentation
■Aeronautical instrumentation See: for simple implementation of flight sim instruments
■Micro robotics
■Appliance controls

Works great with the X27.168 stepper motor and breakout boards available on this site!

Kit includes:
Breakout Board
Vid6606 Chip (may be the STI6606)
Male Pin Headers
Capacitors and resistor
28 pin DIP to 28 pin SMD (SOP28 to DIP28 Programmer Adapter Socket Wide 300mil IC Test Socket SOIC28 OTS28)

Connection information is available here:

Price: $20.00
Discount on Stepper Motors with breakout boards if ordered as a set!
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 2 in × 1.2 in × 0.125 in