X127.168 Full Rotation Stepper Motor Kit

Tiny stepper motors for analog gauges and flight simulation instruments!
This is a breakout board designed for creating analog gauges using a stepper motor. Perfect for a Directional Gyro with unlimited rotation

This board uses a Switec X27.168 stepper motor to drive the needle. The Switec is the same motor used in many automotive dashboards, motorcycle instruments and flight and racing simulators. The Switec motor only draws 20ma per coil. This means it can be directly wired to many microcontrollers, including 5 volt Arduino boards, AVR and PIC micros.

The breakout board adds diodes to protect microcontroller pins from inductive kickback (not necessary for ArdsimX). All signals are broken out to a 7 pin header for easy interfacing.
This breakout board works great with the Vid6606 4x stepper driver available on this site!

The board is shipped as a kit with the following:
1 Breakout PCB
8 Diodes
1 TCRT5000 Photo Diode/Sensor
1 Switec X27.168 Motor
1 7 pin male header

Interfacing to the Arduino Uno and Mega is made easy using the Vid6606 4x Stepper Driver available on this site.
Making flight simulator instruments??
Use the ArdsimX software available at SVGlobe.com. Very easy implementation. http://simvim.com/ardsimx/index.html

Price: $20.00
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 1 in × 1 in × 0.5 in
SKU: FRStepperKit