Single Radio Kit with Dual Encoder

Complete kit as shown
Must know basic soldering skills
Daisy Chain Kits together for a complete radio stack.
2 Versions currently available:
version 1 - ArdsimX (X-plane), Prepar3d/FSX or
version 2 - SimVimCockpit (X-plane)

Price: $39.00
Technical Specs: 

Easily integrates with X-plane using an arduino Mega or Uno and ArdsimX or SimVimCockpit
Flight Simulation Radio kit. Works great with X-Plane using ArdsimX or SimVimCockpit. Can also be used for Microsoft FSX and Prepar3d (limited support)

Complete hardware Kit. Some soldering skills are required.

Multiple Kits can be "daisy-chained" to make a complete radio stack.

Can be programmed for Nav, Comm, Transponder, ADF, Groundspeed, Distance or almost any output from the simulator.

PCB board (varied color)
2x Max7219 Chips
2x 5 digit, 7 segment LED indicators
2x 10uf Capacitors
2x 0.1uF Capacitors
2x 22kohm resitors
2x 1.5k ohm resistors (SimVimCockpit version)
1x switch (radio active/standby)
headers (color may vary from picture)
dual encoder kit w/knobs
necessary .ino (arduino software) and .cfg (plugin for ArdsimX in Xplane), available on
links to ArdsimX (connectivity software for x-plane):
Basic Arduino programming knowledge is helpful for uploading the (.ino) program into the Arduino.

Support is available through email for X-plane only using ArdsimX and SimVimCockpit software (very limited support for others).

SKU: PWSR-kitx


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