News and Updates

June 14, 2019. Closed for the Week

We will be closed until Monday, June 24th. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will not have access to email, phone or text during this week. On Monday, June 24th we will be back in the shop and will catch up with everyone as soon as possible.

June 11, 2019. X-plane Beta ISSUES v11.35r1 and r2 issues

There is an issue with the newest beta versions of X-plane. Our plugin crashes X-plane to desktop if you change USB com ports. However, upon restart the USB port is successfully found and the radio panel (or any of our panels) work without issue. This makes it difficult as it will again crash when you change personality of the radio. I don't know when this will be fixed. At this time we believe it to be an X-plane issue. We will hopefully find a workaround or fix soon.

June 11, 2019. Flight Sim Expo 2019

We had a great time in Orlando for FSExpo 2019. Thank you to all of our customers that supported us! We are already looking forward to next year!

**UPDATE** April 14, 2019 Plugin Update

Our Plugin has been updated. Updated the autopilot and encoder panel to work with Xplane 10:here

**UPDATE** April 3, 2019 Plugin Update

Our Plugin has been updated. Fixed the trim wheel on the encoder panel and autopilot trim issues:here

**UPDATE** March 11, 2019 Plugin Update

Our Plugin has been updated. Improved communication with X-plane 10:here

**UPDATE** February 10, 2019 3d Files

Radio and GPS holders are available for 3d printing. Thank you to some of our customers for donating the radio/GPS stands. They are available in .STL files here: here

**UPDATE** February 8, 2019 Broken Download links

Broken links for downloads have been fixed. You can download instruction manuals here

Feb 4, 2019 PropWash Simulation will be attending Flight Sim Expo 2019

in Orlando, FL on June 7th through the 9th at the Renaissance Orlanando Seaworld. Come see us at booth G2. We will have great pricing on all of our Plug and Play products!

Flight Sim Expo


**UPDATE** January 1, 2019

Plug and Play radios have been completed and are now for sale. Radios come fully assembled and a simple file is added into the X-plane plugins folder for: Com, Nav, GS/Distance or ADF/Transponder. Our GPS is also fully assembled and plug and play. We will soon have an encoder panel and we are almost done testing our AutoPilot. Both of which are Plug and play capable with the same plugin as our radio panels.

**UPDATE** November 12, 2018

We are working with a programmer and will have plug-n-play radio panels available very soon! Testing is going well. These radios will be preassembled and a simple plugin added to X-plane and you will be able to use any of our new panels as a Com, Nav, GS/Distance or ADF/Transponder with a few simple clicks on the plugin menu.


We had a great show at Flight Sim Expo. Met a lot of really great people. At the show we introduced our GNS530 GPS clone for X-plane. It will be availabe on the website very soon for $195 +shipping. We have gotten excellent feedback about it. Very few left in stock. If you want one before they hit the website, please email us and we will get a paypal invoice to you.

PropWash Simulation will be attending Flight Sim Expo in Las Vegas, NV on June 9th and 10th in the Flamingo Las Vegas Resort. Come see us at booth 103. We will have great pricing on all of our products!

Flight Sim Expo


Faceplates for Radio Panels have arrived.

Made with precision cut CNC black anodized aluminum. They are a perfect way to complement your simulator. They are now available in the online catalog. They turned out excellent. Priced at $6.95 each

**UPDATE** We have many more items in the works.

To complement our radio panels, we will be introducing an autopilot and a GPS. The autopilot will be based on the KAP140. The GPS is based on the GNS530 and will also have the moving map that can be broken out of X-Plane and moved directly to the panel. Faceplates should be in next week for both the GPS and autopilot. Testing on the printed circuit boards is in process with good results.

We are also working on a vernier Throttle/Mixture/Prop input panel and a switch panel!

SimVimCockpit is in Beta Testing

We are currently testing our products with SimVimCockpit. We will soon adding many of the required components to our catalog. Components such as the MUX boards, and servo driver boards. We are also currently testing our radio panel built specifically for SimVimCockpit!!



Single Radio Panel Kits are now available for SimVimCockpit connection software for X-Plane. They are based on the current radio panel and faceplates will fit either kit.
MUX boards, breakout boards, PWM boards and more will be posted soon!