PWS 530 GPS Simulated GNS530 Kit

Simulated GNS530 GPS

Now you can practice an approach without the need to use a mouse. Makes Flight Simming much more realistic.
Arduino Mega Clone is included - built on to the printed circuit board. This makes adding a 2nd radio panel or autopilot (beta testing now) very simple with the excess digital and analog pins available from the Mega.
Using X-Plane 11, the GPS screen can easily be moved over to the small monitor included on our PWS530

Buttons are easily configured using ArdsimX or SimVimCockpit(beta).
GPS can also be configured for Prepar3d or FSX using Mobiflight or Link2FS.

Comes fully assembled as seen in the pictures.
Easily connects to your video card with HDMI cable (video card must support HDMI or you must use an adapter)
** Picture shows GPS with Radio Panels. Radio Panels are not included with GPS **

Download the Installation files here:

Price: $195.00
Technical Specs: 

No need for external power to the Arduino. 12v power adapter is included for the monitor.


12v power adapter (US version)
USB a-b cable.

HDMI cable needed, but not included



Can you post the height and width of the unit to get an idea of its size - thanks! :)

Scott, it measures 7.25 x 5 inches. about 3 inch total depth including knobs.

Thanks Kyle. Do you know if there is a way to remove the frame and simply display the nav display when moving the GNS popup into your display?

Yes, instructions are included. basically, you put a 1x1 .png file in place of the bezel file. frame disappears.

.. I picked one at the Las Vegas Expo, works & looks fantastic, now, atre you guys gona introduce the G430 as well ??????

We will not be producing the 430 anytime soon. I am glad you are happy with the 530. We are currently working with a programmer and hope to have many of our products "plug and play" soon. This will be for X-plane, FSX and P3d.

I got my PNP GPS and everything is working great except the com and nav buttons are opposite to those on the sim. Nav on top and com on bottom and they are labeled that way. If there's a simple programming fix I can live with the incorrect labeling.

Flyboy, this issue was corrected a few months ago. I am not finding your order. We now have new panels and updated programming to fix this issue. Please email me and I will get this fixed for you. Thank you. Kyle