Plug and Play Encoder Panel with Gear|Flap|Trim

Our Newest Panel!
Now you can control your Heading Bug, VOR's, Altimeter, Directional Gyro and ADF card in one place. No longer do you need to use your mouse.
Also on the panel is an elevator trim wheel and switches to control flaps and gear.

Comes fully assembled and Plug and Play with our plugin for X-plane 10 and 11
For Microsoft FSX and Prepar3d (P3d) the encoder panel is seen as an HID device (joystick button type device) and can be fully programmed using the interfaces within the simulator software.

Very simple setup!
Our plugin will show available com (USB) ports. You select the port and the software will connect to X-plane automatically.
Download the installation file and plugin here:
If using FSX or P3d, the sim software detects the hardware as an HID device and then you set the functions for each encoder or switch. Easy setup!

Price: $69.00

Comes complete with USB cable and plugin (X-plane)

Easy configuration for



Please download the newest plugin: There is a small tweak that fixes the elevator trim.

If I order multiple panels can the panels be combined on one controller so there is only one USB connection or 1 USB per panel?

Each panel has its own USB port. For multiple panels it is best to have a powered USB hub